Warlock and the Infinity Watch #3

Marvel Comics
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Seeking solace after descending from Godhood, Adam Warlock abandons his newly christened Infinity Watch to find the High Evolutionary. Though the Evolutionary has seen and overseen events of cosmic import, Warlock still considers him a friend, and wants his counsel on how to proceed. But when he finally reaches his friend and mentor, he sees that not all is well with the Evoluntionary. Bearing witness to the birth of a Celestial has broken his mind, and the New Men have been unable to find him proper aid. But not all is well with the Infinity Watch. The group went their separate ways almost as soon as Adam Warlock left them. And now, someone hunts them. Pip the Troll and Drax the Destroyer quickly fall to the pursuers. But how have they learned the locations of the Infinity Gems so quickly?

"The Fearsome Fate of the High Evolutionary!" 

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