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Written by: Gomi, Machito
Artist by: Gomi, Machito
Cover Artist by:

Pokémon Journeys: Ash is back in awesome adventures that take place across multiple regions of the best-selling Pokémon video games!
When Ash and Pikachu hitch a ride aboard the Legendary Pokémon Lugia, they discover another kid is also on board! Meet Goh, who wants to catch every Pokémon ever-including Mew! Can Ash and Goh make their lofty dreams come true?
Pokémon Adventures: XY: Awesome Pokémon adventures inspired by the best-selling Pokémon X and Y video games!
X was a Pokémon Trainer child prodigy. He hated being in the spotlight, so he took to hiding in his room and avoiding everyone-including his best friend Y. But now a surprise attack has brought X out of hiding!
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Rating: All Ages
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