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This Free Comic Book Day special edition features excerpts from two upcoming original Middle Grade graphic novels, CLARK & LEX and FANN CLUB: THE BATMAN SQUAD! Being the only kid with powers is tough…not being able to use them is even worse! When LuthorCorp holds a competition to find the best and brightest for a summer internship in Metropolis, Clark has no problem using his X-ray vision to cheat his way in if it means getting out of Smallville. Amazingly, Clark is not the only competitor with special abilities…just ask his newfound friend, Lex Luthor. From New York Times bestselling author Brendan Reichs and artist Jerry Gaylord comes a fresh twist to a familiar face that is sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats! Ernest Fann idolizes Batman. It might not even be much of a stretch to say he wants to model his life after him. So, with no training or superpowers, young Ernest takes on the name of Gerbilwing and decides to set up a crime fighting unit consisting entirely of his immediate friends and his dog. But things get complicated when Ernest and his friends visit a bank that happens to be in the middle of a robbery being committed by a werewolf! Will The Batman Squad taste defeat on their very first day of crime-fighting? Fann Club: The Batman Squad is a great send-up of the Batman mythos as well as a series of silly adventures from the mind of satirist Jim Benton.
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