BAD OMENS CONCRETE JUNGLE #1 Huy Dinh Virgin Variant Exclusive Set LTD 100 SOLD OUT

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“Bad Omens” by Huy Dinh • Only 100 virgins printed • 200 trades printed

Chuck Pavoni is a freelance illustrator and comic book artist based out of the south side of Chicago who blends comic techniques with his experience creating art for album covers and music videos.

From the mega-viral and chart-topping band known as Bad Omens comes this comic series based on their newest record, The Death of Peace of Mind.

Bad Omens is one of many crime syndicates that operate in the largest district of the lawless and predominantly self-governed Concrete Jungle. Their members toe-the-line morally when it comes to their revolving door of methods and motives, but in the end they could be the antiheroes the city needs and the true kings of the concrete jungle.

After the Bad Omens take possession of a local museum containing some of the last art pieces not in possession of "You Know Who," they face off against the previous owner - a vicious crime lord who won't let his property go without a fight. A high-octane battle breaks out amongst the priceless artifacts packed with gun fu à la JOHN WICK!

Note:  Item will not be available until at least ending of October. 

Written by: Sebastian, Noah
Artist by: Izzo, Nicola
Cover Artist by: Chuck P,

  • In Store on October 25 2023
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