Spider-Man Unlimited, Vol. 3 #15

Marvel Comics
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Heroes And Villains; Bride Of The Lizard
WRITTEN BY KLAUS JANSON & MERRILL HAGAN PENCILED BY KLAUS JANSON & ADAM DEKRAKER COVER BY JAY ANACELTO Two Spidey stories. One great comic! Comics legend, Klaus Janson tells a personal story delving into the effects on a child who is raised by one of Spider-Man's foes. In the second story, Merrill Hagan (Adult Swim) tells a story featuring the Lizard and his wife. How does a woman cope with being married to a man who must remain calm at all times or he'll turn into a giant green beast? Can she possible still love him if she must never do or say anything that could set him off? 32 PGS./Rated A ...$2.99 Cover price $2.99.
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