Spider-Man Unlimited, Vol. 3 #13

Marvel Comics
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Dinner At Macarthur's Cafe; 24 Hour Bug
Penciled by CASEY JONES and TIM SMITH Cover by JOÃO SILVEIRA. Hunger strikes the Rhino and Spidey and they find themselves at Mac's Diner for fine fast-food cuisine! When Mac himself, who hates Spider-Man, asks for Spidey's help to get rid of the Rhino, we're forced to wonder: Will Spider-Man help out a guy who's attitude makes J Jonah Jameson look like the president of the Spider-Man fan club!? And, in our second feature, while the Vulture's scheme may get foiled on page one of '24 Hour Bug,' the cold he's got moves into Spidey's home. Now Peter Parker - the Spider-Man - must face his most unbeatable foe - his wife! Budding writers Aaron Williams and Lenar Clark tackle Spider-Man in two hilarious stories penciled by Casey Jones and Tim Smith! Guest starring the Rhino! Cover price $2.99.
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