Spider-Man Unlimited, Vol. 3 #6

Marvel Comics
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The Agony Of Defeat; Thug #1
Written by SHELDON ALLEN & SCOTT GIMPLE Penciled by JIM CHEUNG & STUART IMMONEN Cover by MIKE ALLRED PART 1 (OF 1) Two new tales of Spidey's world by two new writers and the best artists in the business! First, Spider-Man must grapple with the grim spectre of defeat in a story by Sheldon Allen and Jim Cheung! Then, witness the life story of a man who'll one day be known as 'Thug #1' by Scott Gimple and Stuart Immonen! 32 PGS./PSR ...$2.99 UPC: 5960605506-00611 Cover price $2.99.
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