Hi All!

So, you’re interested in becoming a subscriber to Thunder Comics Canada new PREVIEWSworld Pullbox service?
Well, we certainly look forward to providing you with a steady flow of all your favourite series and items – but there are a few things we need you to understand first.

If you are an existing subscriber, then you know the drill by now. But we’ve formalised everything as we introduce PULLBOX.

The first thing you should know is; our service is founded on a system of mutual trust.
YOU trust we will order the items you have selected, WE trust you will stick with the items selected before Final Order Cut-Off (FOC) or placing the increase order.
You do us a favour by subscribing (so we know how many copies to order) – and in return, we give you a discount of up to 25% off the issues/items you order! GREAT SAVINGS FOR YOU!

There are a few rules we have in place, that if not honoured, can result in cancellation, loss of discount, or surcharge.

The Rules are:
1. In placing orders through Thunder Comics Canada site, via Pullbox or email you understand and agree these orders have been made specifically for you and you accept to pay for these items upon receiving an invoice for the items arriving for that week New Releases or Back Issues.

2. Special Order items, CGCs, high priced or large quantity comics, magazine, toys, action figures, etc will first receive an email from us confirming the order. Once confirmed an invoice will be sent prior to placing the order as distributors do not have a return policy once orders are placed. Note: Thunder Comics Canada Does Not have a return policy, But! We will attempt to work with you depending on item and length of time for initial order.

3. Please don’t ghost us. Please speak with staff if you are having trouble paying for your orders. Send us a message. Just talk to us – we’re nice and we’re understanding and we’ll work something out. Just don’t ghost us!



    1. Please sign up to Previewsworld PULLBOX first and then send email address you want to use to, if you already have an existing account just send me the email address to that PULLBOX account.  Wait for the invitation to join PULLBOX to sync your account with Thunder Comics Canada. This method will sync your existing subscriptions correctly.

    If you have any problems with syncing your account, please don’t hesitate to email and we’ll set it up properly for you with a tutorial.

    2. When you special order an item via PULLBOX, Thunder Comics Canada receives your request and then sends you back an offer that includes our store price and lets you know the availability of the item.

      3. We recommend checking your ORDER dashboard regularly and clicking ‘VIEW OFFER’ to accept the requests and complete your orders.

      4. Subscribe/Pre-Order with Us: Discount level counts towards Pre Order Comics, Trade Paperbacks, Hard Covers, Toys and Statues.  Does Not apply to Ratio Variants, Exclusives, or items indicated as non-Subscriptions.

        Monthly Title Subscription/Pre-Order gets you up to 25% discount.

        5. Keep in mind that all Prices listed on previewsworld are in USD, we have our own prices.

        6.  Orders made on Thunder Comics Canada Online store does not count towards PREVIEWSworld PULLBOX Subscription Service discount, you must place your orders through the portal to qualify for the discount.  Can't provide refunds on orders already made throught TCC online site to reorder for discount through PREVIEWSworld PULLBOX Subscription Service.

          The some prices to compare at different discount rates are as approximation:
          3.99 usd = 4.85* Can (pre-order price = $4.42 @ 25%)
          4.99 usd = 6.07* Can (pre-order price = $5.53 @ 25%)
          5.99 usd = 7.28* Can (pre-order price = $6.64 @ 25%)
          9.99 usd = 12.16* Can (pre-order price = $11.07 @ 25%)

          *(Regular BUT Discounted Price)

          all our comics come bagged and boarded too!

          7. There are some items that may display on previewsworld, which may fail to ship to Canada due to licensing / region restrictions (but we’ll do our best to get it for you and let you know if it doesn’t ship).

          8. DC Comics is not available for sale at the moment due to low orders. If you are interested in having DC Comics as an option, please send an email to and indicate a list of titles you are interested in.

          9. If pictures for releases aren’t loading, that’s usually because the artwork has yet to be uploaded by the publisher (Give the artist a bit of time to finish their masterpiece!)

          10. Ensure what you would like to order as they will be final once ordered from the distributor(s).

          11. Here are some of the benefits for using PULLBOX service:

            • Synch orders with participating local comic shops
            • Subscribe to any title
            • Order any product
            • Manage preorders & subscriptions
            • Place special orders
            • Keep a wishlist
            • Track weekly purchases
            • Receive email alerts on items available for pickup, order confirmations, etc.
            • Discover more to buy at your store via
              • Monthly PREVIEWS Catalogs
              • Weekly New Releases
              • PREVIEWSworld articles
              • PREVIEWSworld search
              • And more!

             Sign up here